Just Another Adventure (Special Chapter II)

The first moment was filled with chaos, flickering lights and a distant cacophony that pierced my mind sending me into an almost unstoppable fit of rage. I could do nothing but bow and give in to my hunger, blindly following my instincts until I had satiated my need for the life that runs in the veins of most living beings. Not that thick and slightly unpalatable fluid, mind you; my kin developed a more refined taste for properties unknown to mortals, yet quite familiar to other creatures that have populated realms beyond well before everything came to be as humans know it. We could feed on essential properties given to each creature back when it was stirred into life in the boundless molten ocean. In the time when all worlds were unfinished pieces, still hot from the furnace and waiting to be tempered by the gods, all life was given an inner flame that reproduced, changed and grew to be the untamed essence of all things born free.

Closer to the makers were humans and the wild denizens of their land; then the shackled spirits that would hold the power to bring destruction and renewal to all things made. Further down were the wanderers, born from the spirits and caged into flesh, they were creatures of great power that watched over their own kind, never to know the gift of mortality brought by time. Below them were their unruly siblings, much like the wanderers, but driven insane by a wish to protect deprived of benevolence. Instincts corrupted by power, ultimately leading to them being cast aside by their own, turning them into solitary beasts driven by anguish and fury. Under them were the creatures brought into being by wisps of living essence twisted under the influence of the waves of belief. A mockery of their former selves, these dreadful things roam, haunt or sometimes harm those who unknowingly cursed them to such destiny. And then us; crafted into the very fires of the forge and left to grow unchecked in the darkest pits. Whatever our destiny was, we were not told, so we left in droves to find for ourselves.

Soon enough we discovered the hunger, our need for the essence that was so abundant in the land of the living. Alas, in their eyes we were different, too strange, unsettling to behold, abominations that could only bring pestilence and death. Many of our number were hunted and unmade while others escaped with deep scars from the ensuing battles; a few of us fled unharmed yet marked forever by those first days. The marred in their anger saw fitting to truly become the scourge of their prey, however, before they could unleash their vengeance our own makers threw them back into the forge so they could be created anew.

In an unexpected twist that not even the mightiest of the creators had foreseen, while engulfed by the flames, the pain and hate that bound the tormented brought them together into a single being, powerful and demented enough to challenge the gods that had unwittingly spawned such horror. His power allowed him to leave his confinement, but failed at granting him victory over the makers, who could just send their newborn nemesis into exile beyond the worlds. There he crafted his own realm where he raised his own, still brothers to us, but cruel and depraved right into the embrace of madness. We all still felt the hunger, but while we decided to satiate it by trickery and deceit without causing lasting harm, the savage offspring of the nameless one wanted to obtain the essence through unnecessary carnage and violence.

The seeds of an eternal war had been sown and we were branded with the same name that our destructive kin had to bear, effectively dooming us to be hunted without pause or mercy. The gods saw no other option but to close the gates that joined all worlds together, isolating the realms and causing us an even greater grief that would be heard for thousands of years. Our cries lured the warlocks and witches of the lands where mortals dwell. They found how to open pathways that, unfortunately, would sometimes fail to fulfill their original purpose and would give our brethren a chance to return and unleash their savagery upon the living. Not willing to surrender and follow the path of blood, the first of our number created the rituals and spells to free more of us and send back a fraction of sustenance so the ones still imprisoned could keep their dark lust at bay. Such is our strife.

Even while trapped in the black pits and still lacking a clear purpose to live up to, our kind increased both in power and number, while unable to break the chains that tied us to our hunger. The makers remained silent and distant, leaving us in the middle of a battlefield where we hold no allegiance but our own and where everything else is out to unmake us. Much to the dismay of all those would be hunters, we are no longer afraid and we will not let anyone threaten our existence anymore, not even our warlike kin. We grew estranged from all other things made and found no solace in their prosperity or destruction; being just a thorn in their side, our kin now endeavors to find our place and mission before the seething need reduces us to unbridled chaos.

Until then, we shall bear with our brothers the name given to us by mortals. A word reeking fear that means for them something nowhere near what we are, but merely what they believe us to be. Whether the living will ever understand our long story remains to be seen; we will not let their dread of things beyond one too many self-imposed limits to their understanding be an obstacle to our search. Only time will tell if they will forever whisper our name in hushed tones, expecting an impending doom from our hand.

Such memories surely have shed a much needed light over the vast chasm that separates the likes of me from humans and all other things made. We may not be the greatest in number, knowledge or might, but still hopefully now you understand why they call us Demons.


If you have read the past chapters there is a very high chance you know who’s talking in today’s story. Oh you haven’t? Please, feel free to check out chapters I, II, III, IV, special chapter I, V and VI.

I hope you enjoyed this short story and, as always, share and stay tuned for more!


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